Silver Sailor

From the screen to the seas with new Princess Cruises ambassador, Phillip Schofield

How do you feel about your new role?

It’s really exciting. Like anyone looking into holidays, I got googling straight away and looked at the ships and the quality, and I was keen to get started. Then I met the Princess team, who are all so lovely. We’re like-minded about what we want to do, so it was a very easy match.

What appeals to you the most about the idea of cruise holidays?

Waking up in a different place each morning. The idea of just unpacking your suitcase and leaving it there in your room, while the scenery changes around you, appeals to me enormously. There are the facilities onboard, too – the spa’s beautiful, the restaurants are amazing. Seeing people out on deck, sitting in loungers watching a movie as the sun sets, as we were steaming out of Barcelona – I thought, ‘This is just crazy.’ The whole experience is so unique, you can tailor your own break to be whatever you want.

Ocean Medallion, Princess Cruises

You travelled on Royal Princess recently – did you get a good tour of the ship?

The thing is with me (and anyone who knows me will tell you this), I always like to go where I’m not supposed to. If there’s a door marked ‘no entry’ or ‘staff only’, that’s where I want to go. And I’m a bit of an engineering geek, so all the behind-the-scenes stuff is fascinating to me. On Royal Princess, I got to go into the galleys and have a really good wander. What an awe-inspiring operation that is! I loved that. And obviously, the kid in me loved going up to the Captain’s bridge. It was like being on the Starship Enterprise, so I was impressed with that as well.

You are known for your love of wine – did you sample the onboard wine list? 

Yes, I had a very, very close inspection of it! The wine list onboard is ridiculous, it’s so good. If you’re into Italian wines, the list of top-end options is breathtaking, and I was surprised by the value for money. And at the lower end, the attention to detail with everyday wines is super.

And what foodie experience did you enjoy the most while you were onboard?

We dined at a particularly beautiful table in the Crown Grill that was virtually in the wine cellar. So you can imagine how in my element I was. Eating a lovely meal with a nice bottle of wine, surrounded by other bottles of wine… it doesn’t actually get any better than that for me.

Princess Cruises ambassador, Phillip Schofield on board Princess Cruises

Continuing the theme, I believe you visited a vineyard during the cruise?

Yes, in Marseille! There is definitely a theme emerging here. We met a family who have made wine at their beautiful vineyard for generations, and then we went to lunch with them afterwards. I’ve been a wine enthusiast for many years and I’ve found that seeing the geography of a place really helps. Wherever I am, I always try to only drink the local wine.

Tell us about some of your most memorable travel experiences?

Eating fresh king crab in a little shack in Lapland and watching the Northern Lights with my wife Steph was amazing. Seeing the Maldives with Steph and our girls was stunning. We took a road trip around the UK recently and that was great, too. I drove about 2,200 miles in total. Steph drove 30 miles when we were in Islay – because I was full of whisky!

Are there many places left in the world that you would still like to see?

Hundreds! And as the years go by, you think, ‘How am I ever going to do all this?’ I’ve never been to Japan, I want to go to St Petersburg, I haven’t seen the Fjords, or Canada, or Alaska. And I’ve only done a tiny part of South America… the world is massive, and my ticklist is huge!

Princess Cruises ambassador, Phillip Schofield

In my case…

There are some items we just can’t do without when travelling – here are a few of Schofe’s favourite things


Latest toy…

I’m a keen Snapchatter, and I’ve just got some Snapchat sunglasses, which are really good fun. You put the sunglasses on and record what you’re seeing. I’m really looking forward to playing with those over the summer.

Snapchat sunglasses

Guidebook  or google?

Google – a guidebook is good, but my phone is smaller.

Go-to gadget?

I never take a camera anywhere now, just my phone. What do we all do? We take a fantastic picture and want to send it to people straight away. As much as I don’t want to fall into that trap, that’s exactly what I do!

 Essential apps…

I’ve got to have a weather app, and I’m a news junkie so I’ll always check the news in the morning using two apps. And because I’m throwing myself into my new role fully, I downloaded a ship finder app. So when I was onboard I could check all the other ships around us and see where they were going.


Early bird or night owl?

Night owl. I’ve always hated getting up early, even as a kid, which is weird for the job I do. I adapt well though, so I get up at 5.40am and go to bed at half 10 during the week, but I’m up until 1.30 or 2am at weekends. Signature scent I always wear Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette.

Dior Suavage Eau De Toilet

Perfect companion…

My wife Steph – that’s my final answer or she will never travel with me again!

On the watchlist…

There are some really good dramas on telly at the moment so we’re watching those, but we also have the latest series of House of Cards, Madam Secretary and American Gods lined up. The new series of Game of Thrones is next.

Album on repeat…

I have quite an eclectic taste in music, but the person I’m listening to most at the moment is Charlie Puth, he’s got a great album.

Charlie Puth Album


Favourite tipples…

Wine from wherever we are in the world, a negroni cocktail and a whisky nightcap.

Negroni cocktail

Top snack…

I’m not a huge snacker, but my mum always brings me some sugared stem ginger from Cornwall, so I usually have a bag of that on the go.

Holiday reading…

I usually download two or three books onto my Kindle and work my way through them. I love spy thrillers and political conspiracies – I like a bit of espionage.

Grooming must-have…

Lip balm! Winter or summer, I can’t go outside without it on.

Whitewall Kisser lipbalm